Why choose Screen Printing?

Screen printing is a dominant technique in the world of printing. It is without a doubt one of the oldest techniques in existence; the most used as well.

This technique is one of the most flexible methods of textile personalisation, being used in a wide range of materials, fabrics and products. Screen printing has such a good reputation because it is a technique of high durability with which you can achieve the colours Pantone and when making large quantities, the cost is very low, that is why it is recommended to order a minimum of 50 units.

  • -Inks with an ecological water base
  • -Plastisol inks
  • -Fluorescent inks
  • -Discharge inks
  • -Puff inks
  • -Photo luminescent inks
  • -Screen Printing

Uses of Screen Printing:

Screen printing is used on different products within the textile, stationery and promotional materials worlds thanks to its wide versatility and optimal results. It is easy to find merchandising for events, or sports merchandising, such as T-Shirts, backpacks or hats, made with this technique since for both, usually, one needs to personalise large quantities.

Among other points in favour of screen printing is the wide variety of different inks as well as te existence of 'jumbo' screens to print on much larger garments.


  • -You can use any type of fabric or garment
  • -Can be adapted to use Pantone colours
  • -First technique of producing large quantities
  • -high durability
  • -professional finish
  • -Easy to wash and care for
  • -The more units, the more economical
  • -Cons

Initial production costs

Minimum recommended quantity of 50 units

Printing process of Screen Printing:

The process of screen printing is a little more complex than other printing techniques. To start with, the files should be given in a vector format in order to be able to print it on a film image and separate the colours from each other.

A colour for each film. Next, the necessary screens are prepared and with a photographic emulsion that recoats them and the film image on top, they are placed in the contact printed which, using light, makes the design stick to the screen. Finally, the screens are ready to use and we then proceed with the printing.

Printed Band T-Shirt using Screen PrintingScreen Printed Band T-Shirt

Screen Printing is perfect for use on light and dark coloured T-Shirts, clothing and other textile materials. To produce high-quality prints on dark coloured garments we use an extra white layer which creates a screen and enhances the overall quality of the finished print. A standard screen is printed up to 35cm x 40cm (slightly bigger than A3). We can also make jumbo screens which go up to A2 sized prints if you need just ask us what you want while making a quote and we'll be able to cater for your needs.

Prices can start from as low as 15p per print but the price can vary depending on the size of your order and the type of garment which you'd like printing on. So get in touch with us now to get a quote which is tailored to suit your needs.